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Looking for dungeon maps?

I'm not as prolific as some, but I've done a few.  I've done two fully stocked one-page dungeons for the annual One-Page Dungeon Contest.
  • 2009: Shrine of the Savage Jungle.  A little on the treasure-poor side, so keep that in mind, but the monsters might not be too difficult for a 1st-level party, especially of newbies.
  • 2010: Triune Labyrinth of Insane Mutations.  More difficult than the Shrine, probably better suited for 3rd or 4th level because of the constant stream of cultists and mutated beasts.  Also, although it's a one-page dungeon, the map covers three different levels that twist up and down.  Probably needs more supporting maps.
Also in the one-page format: several stocked areas of the first level of a "test" mega-dungeon, using leximorphs for map inspiration.
Overview of the first level in this document.

I posted an image format map of a Goblin Market, with notes in the blog entry on how to create twisted goblin wares.

For those who would rather stock their own dungeons, I've done several series of themed geomorphs, all compatible with those created by Dyson Logos, Risus Monkey, and others who have contributed to Dave Millar's mapping app.  Geomorphs are 10x10 and can potentially have two connections per side; additionally, there are 10x5 end pieces and 5x5 corners mixed into each set. They are collected into PDF documents for each series.

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