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  • Do your RPG prep a day or two – or less! – before the game… or skip it entirely, developing locations, NPCs or other details during play.
  • Play in a “sketchbox”, in contrast to a sandbox, leaving details sketchy until the last minute.
  • Or just grab a few monsters, artifacts, or a table or two to fill in some gaps in your otherwise extensively-prepped campaign.
I’ve written up many tables, tools and techniques and bundled them together as The Last-Minute GM: supplements (and a planned ezine) devoted to “off the cuff” gaming.


Quickie Dice Tool
(latest version 2.2): Dice map uses the Random Random Table and numerous sample word lists to create a one-page condensed dungeon dressing and random monster generator. Numerous examples of Formulas to use on the map are under the quickie label on the blog.
Perverse Polymorpher
(latest version 2.0): Radial dice map to replace so-called “Zocchi dice” (d3, d5, d7, etc.) Could be useful for those playing the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Instructions here and here.


Published irregularly, for now.
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