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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is a blog about role-playing games.

I've blogged before about games I was designing or what I liked about other people's games, but I've long thought I should separate my role-playing material from my other material. This way, I can write in more detail about game matters without worrying about whether my readers are truly interested.

My planned topics are:
  • Updates on games I'm writing (Kanthe, The Court of Nine Chambers, Malignment, etc.;)

  • Rules variants and ideas for other RPGs, mainly D&D and InSpectres/octaNe;

  • Setting material for a pseudo-medieval fantasy world called "the Nine and Thirty Kingdoms" (hence, the blog name;)

  • Occasional comments on other topics circulating in the RPG blogosphere.

I don't plan on writing much, if anything, about RPG theory or politics. I want to keep this blog very concrete and task-oriented.

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