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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've just gotten back from a family event and have been wiped out, which is why I took a break yesterday. I'm prepping four more installments of my "Redesigning Psionics" series, so I've decided to post something light today. What better topic than my feelings about the length of rules?

I know what I've posted so far about redesigning psionics and some of the other houserules posts may have seem pretty wordy. This probably seems funny, considering how much I've said I want more of a rules light, summary instead of catalog approach to roleplaying. But then, these houserules posts are partly descriptions with examples of really simple rules, and partly me hashing out possibilities, thinking in public as it were. Those rules can be compressed and condensed. In fact, since I keep reusing the 2d6 risk mechanic, many of the houserules are just multiple examples of the same rule.

Still, they are awfully wordy, and I do plan on doing summary sheets -- call them "houserule modules" -- for several of the topics. I'm pretty sure I could compress the final version of the alternative psionics system into two pages, with maybe an extra couple pages of pre-made disciplines for those GMs that don't want to roll their own.

So rest assured, I will have something simpler soon.

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