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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fighter Attacks

Before getting into the social conflict rules for OD&D I've hinted at, I thought I'd take a break from the long posts and pose a simple question. In OD&D, fighters attacking creatures of 1 HD or less can make 1 attack per level.

What if this were changed to "fighters attacking creatures with less hit dice than their level can make multiple attacks per turn against up to (LEVEL) hit dice worth of opponents"? In other words, a 9th level fighter can attack:
  • 9 creatures of 1 HD or less;
  • one 5 HD and one 4 HD creature;
  • three 3 HD creatures.
Does that seem too powerful?


  1. It may be, but I do share your disatisfaction with the current way fighters gain more attacks and I am constantly searching for better means. I'd be very interested to hear how this works in play.

  2. You should consider the amount of damage done for each attack. If all attacks do one die of damage, a 9th level fighter could kill all nine 1st level creatures in a single round, but probably wouldn't kill any 3rd level creatures. Attacking three 3rd level creatures would not be as effective as attacking nine 1st level creatures. As long as the 9th level fighter can't attack a 3rd level creature three times in a single round, it's probably fine.