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Friday, February 19, 2010

MegaDungeon: CHIL-1

Next in the test megadungeon series is region CHIL-1: the smugglers' quarters. There's not much new to say about the design steps behind this page; I did use the wandering chamber principle on every room except 3, 7, 8 and 12, and made a decision that 7 would include skeletons of some kind (because it's a sealed chamber.)

Room 12 was slated to be a central goblin congregation point, but I left the decision about whether the goblins used the secret passage (3) or door (8) to the whim of the dice. No goblins were rolled for the rooms in area 2, so I left them unaware of the secret passage, and no goblins were rolled for 8, so I left them unaware of the door. However, there was 1 goblin rolled for the game room, so I arbitrarily decided he knew about the secret door in 8.

There were a lot more rooms on this map than previous maps, so I tried to compress descriptions more. Hence, the 2A through 2E, 10A through 10c, and 11 A/B numbering.

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