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Friday, April 30, 2010

Know Your Limits

On the Dwarves post, Norman Harman raised a valid point that players new to a game, or new to role playing itself, are easily swamped by too much choice. Although this is true, I pointed out that you can limit new players without limiting all players, which seems like a better plan since it can be customized to a particular campaign's needs.

"Tell 'em they're humans from the home culture and that they can be fighter or a magic-user, pick one. If they say, "but I want to be a ...", make them that. Problem solved"

I think this should be applied on a much broader level than I suggested. Instead of the now-traditional "step one: select from this huge list of classes, step two: select from this huge list of races" (and step three being skills, step four feats in some systems,) I believe it's better to start with just a handful of choices, while being lenient when players have a clear idea about doing something different.

Limits and boundaries are good, if you can push against them. They inspire creativity.

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