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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventure Module on Dragonsfoot

I'm not really into AD&D, so I normally don't promote Dragonsfoot modules or supplements on my blog. However, I feel obligated to let everyone know about this module: Pop Goes the Meazel, by Todd Hughes. It's a short, small adventure, intended for 1st level characters, and could probably serve as an introductory module. It should be a cinch converting it to other versions or retro-clones of D&D.

I'm linking to it because, although I'm not a contributor to it, I did do the layout for the module. This is the project I alluded to weeks ago. Also, while working on this module, I skimmed through a couple other modules to get a handle on DF module style, and they seem pretty well put together. Anyone who somehow wasn't aware of the existence of Dragonsfoot should check it out.


  1. Well done! This is a great little module. My only criticism would be the cover art, but the content is superb!

    In your next communication with Mr. Hughes, please extend my thanks to him for making this available on Dragonsfoot.

    If I had a table of new players, I would pick this as an ideal 'intro' session adventure.

  2. Thanks, although I should re-emphasize that I didn't contribute anything to the adventure at all. I just made sure words were boldface or italicized as appropriate, set the headers to the right size, and kept blocks of text from being broken up or wrapped in weird ways. Pretty trivial, as far as layout went, since all the design decisions were basically just "make it look like old school modules."

  3. Understood. Mr. Hughes did an excellent job of adventure writing.

    A good layout is never trivial.

  4. Thanks for the complement scottz and thank you Talysman for the layout work. Keep your eyes open I should have another module up on DF in the next couple of weeks, a follow up to HM2 and the end of the Istan/Harold story line.