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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Clone Project: Equipment List

I've been putting off the equipment list for the potential clone project because it seems relatively easy, but tedious, and because there are a couple things on the list that will need to be detailed at some point. However, I'm getting close to more or less finishing the conversion of material in Volume I, so I can't really put it off any longer. I'm going to cover the portable items first (weapons, armor, miscellaneous equipment) because I can deal with encumbrance values as well; later, I'll deal with animals and transportation.

Despite the presence of a price list, Men & Magic clearly states that the price of most items can be set by simple comparisons to other items; most of the weapon prices are the same, for weapons of the same length/weight, and items that weigh about the same will cost the same, if they are of the same rarity and complexity as well. Metal items cost more than wooden/leather items of the same weight, generally. Based on this, here are some simple price rules:

simple wooden items: 1 gp/25 coins weight
  • x 1.5 if crafted in detail
  • x 1.5 for additional feature (iron tip, etc.)
  • x 2 for fine detail
  • x 3 if iron/steel
  • x 4 if silver tipped/edged
  • x 5 if complex (triggers, gears)
  • x 6 if all silver
metal weapons: 10 gp/yard (or meter) of length
  • +1 gp/foot of wooden shaft for pole weapons
armor: standard clothing = 10 gp
  • x 1.5 for fitted leather armor
  • x 3 for metal (chain, scale)
  • x 5 for complex (jointed metal plate)
Weights in coins are pretty simple:
  • small tool: 20
  • ordinary weapon or helm: 50
  • heavy weapon: 100
  • two-handed weapon or shield: 150
AC 3, plus a light load (750 coins) is a heavy load (1500 coins,) making plate armor 750 coins. AC 5 is 2/3rds of that, and AC 7 is 1/3rd (250 coins.) A smal bundle of miscellaneous gear is treated as 80 to 100 coins weight altogether.

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