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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clone Project: Magic Items II

Continuing with cloning the magic item tables from Vol. II, I've come up with the following for Miscellaneous Weapons:

1d20 Misc Weapon Type
----- --------------------------
1-5 Dwarven (Mace, Hammer, Ax)
6-7 Spear
8-15 Arrows (6d6-3)
16+ Elven (Dagger, Bow)

For the "Dwarven" and "Elven" weapon entries, the last weapon listed in each category only appears on a multiple of 5. There can be such things as Dwarven Daggers and Elven Axes, but I've sorted them this way so that GMs have the option of adding +/- 2 to the roll for actual elven or dwarven treasure hoards. Magic Daggers are either +1 or +2 and have an additional bonus against humanoid enemies of the elves. Maces are always +2 and Bows or arrows are +1, but other weapons can roll on the 3d6 magic item bonus table that I suggested yesterday.

Speaking of which, here's a slightly modified version of that table:

3d6 Item
Roll Bonus +1 Sword +2 Sword
------- ------- --------- ---------
3-12 +1 Basic Cursed*

13-15 +2 Fantastic +2

16-18 +3 Wishes Charm
The Item Bonus column is for rolling the pluses on armor, swords, and miscellaneous weapons. If the result is a +1 sword, roll again and consult the second column. Basic swords have a chance of being dedicated to slaying enemies (+2 against a broad class, +3 against a narrow class) while Fantastic swords will flame, freeze, find treasure, or have some other guaranteed power.

If the result is a +2 sword, several of these will be cursed, but allow a 2 in 20 chance that a cursed sword will not manifest its curse for a particular owner, instead acting as a +2 sword. For +3 swords, roll 3d6 for the bonus again, and if +3 comes up a second time, the sword has an extreme ability, like life drain.

There will be more on swords later, plus the other magic items in time.

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