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Monday, September 6, 2010

Clone Project: Reaction Roll

I'm serious about wanting to see a clone of the LBBs that gets as close as possible while simultaneously compressing and simplifying as much as possible to eliminate needing more than a page of reference charts. I'll start by seeing what I can do with the reaction rolls and related matters.

Reaction rolls are described in two different places: in Men & Magic (for tempting NPCs, monsters and other enemies into service) and in The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures (for general reactions of intelligent monsters.) The second table has three basic reactions: hostile, neutral, and friendly. The first table uses the same three reactions with the same three numbers, but includes extremely hostile (attack immediately) and extremely friendly (enthusiastic, with a loyalty bonus) at either end of the dice result range.

Both tables can be summarized with three short sentences:
Roll 2d6 if a range of reactions is needed. Less than 6 is Low, with 2 being the extreme. More than 8 is High, with 12 being the extreme.
Negotiations can be summarized in a couple more lines:
  • Low reactions are hostile; Extremely Low reactions can indicate a possible instant attack or scheme of delayed betrayal.
  • High reactions are friendly; Extremely High reactions can indicate friendly gestures or high loyalty.
The rules indicate that morale rolls use either the reaction table or the rules in Chainmail. We can summarize the pure LBB approach as:
Troop and hireling morale breaks on a Low reaction, usually indicating a retreat, or outright desertion on an extreme result.
The clerical ability to turn undead also uses 2d6, so it's not that much work to interpret it as a reaction roll in response to a command ("Depart", for Lawful clerics) and convert the ability into a couple footnotes to the reaction roll:
  • if a cleric's level is => undead's HD+2, the cleric automatically turns or commands 2d6 of the undead;
  • if a cleric's level is => undead's HD+4, the cleric automatically destroys 2d6 of the undead;
  • otherwise, roll reaction, add double cleric's level, subtract double undead's HD; a High result means 2d6 undead are turned. Skeletons count as 0 HD.
Are there any other 2d6 rolls that use a table for results?

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