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Friday, September 17, 2010

Clone Project: Spell Progression II

I worked for days on trying to come up with a simple formula for the Magic-User spell progression. The one presented previously was the simplest one of several I considered.

Simplest, that is, from the perspective of "How many spells can I cast at Level X?" There is a way to maybe make it simpler, by looking at it from a different perspective: "At what level can I add another spell of Level Y to the number I can cast?" It's a matter of whether you look up your class level first or the spell level first; the first method, when put in table form, requires reading one line, while the second method in table form would have one line per spell level, something like this:

# of spells
Spell Levelper level:1234
1 2 3 4
3 4 710
5 6 9
7 81114

Or, putting it into a shorter, formula format:
Magic-Users can prepare and cast two spells of a given spell level when their caster level is double the spell level, or one spell of double the spell level - 1. They add a third and fourth spell at:
  • 3rd and 4th level, for 1st level spells;
  • every three levels after (2 x spell level), for 2nd through 4th level spells;
  • every two levels after (2 x spell level), for 5th level spells;
  • every level after 12th, for 6th level spells.
    On the cheat sheet, there would be some kind of abbreviated version of the six-line table above.

    Edit: I wrote "half" instead of "double" in the "shorter formula" above, even though the following bullet points make it clear I'm talking about doubling. Fixed now.

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