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Friday, September 24, 2010

Clone Project: Treasure Table I

I'm working on treasure tables for the potential clone, and it turns out I will need to do this in multiple parts: one for stocking rooms in a dungeon, one for the wilderness encounter treasure types, and one or probably more for the magic items.

The treasure table in Vol. III is used for stocking treasure in a room in a dungeon, with the implication that the treasure may have been found by any monsters present or is being guarded by them, but is not technically "their" treasure, as opposed to the treasure type table in Vol. II, which seems to vary according to the habits of different monsters. I re-arranged the way the table works, keeping the results the same except for the silver found on dungeon levels 2 or 3. Now, you roll a d6 for silver, a d12 for gold, and look up each result on this table (which I haven't bothered to HTML-ize yet.)

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
----------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
1 100 sp 200 sp 300 sp 400 sp 500 sp 600 sp
10 gp 20 gp 30 gp 40 gp 50 gp 60 gp

2-3 100 sp 200 sp 300 sp 400 sp 500 sp 600 sp
100 gp 200 gp 300 gp 400 gp 500 gp 600 gp

4-5 1000 s 2000 s 3000 s 4000 s 5000 s 6000 s
200 gp 400 gp 600 gp 800 gp 1000 g 1200 g

6-7 2k sp 4k sp 6k sp 8k sp 10k sp 12k sp
500 gp 1000 g 1500 g 2000 g 2500 g 3000 g

8-9 5k sp 10k sp 15k sp 20k sp 25k sp 30k sp
1k gp 2k gp 3k gp 4k gp 5k gp 6k gp

10-12 5k sp 10k sp 15k sp 20k sp 25k sp 30k sp
2k gp 4k gp 6k gp 8k gp 10k gp 12k gp

13 or 10k sp 20k sp 30k sp 40k sp 50k sp 60k sp
more 5k gp 10k gp 15k gp 20k gp 25k gp 30k gp


If the die roll for gold is 7 or higher, no gold is found; otherwise, for either silver or gold, cross-reference the die roll with the dungeon level to find treasure amount. Top line in each row is the amount of silver in the treasure, bottom line is the amount of gold.

I took the gems, jewelry, and magic items out of the table because they don't really need a table; they can be handled by short, simple procedures.

Chance for gems in treasure: Roll 1d20 less than/equal to dungeon level; maximum 10 in 20 chance. Roll again for jewelry with the same odds. The number of each, if present, equals 1d6 (2d6 for levels 8+.)

Chance for magic items in treasure: Roll 1d20 less than/equal to half dungeon level, round down; minimum 1 in 20 chance, maximum 6 in 20. The number rolled equals the number of times to roll on the random magic item table.

These introduce some other differences from the originals: the gem and jewelry chances now go up in increments of 5% and the number of gems/jewelry found on deep levels of the dungeon is rolled on two six-sided dice instead of on a d12. All these changes are fairly easy to undo, if someone wants to do that.

I didn't notice any rule on how many magic items may be found in a given treasure pile for this table, so I based it on the roll to see if there are magic items at all. This means that there will only be one magic item at the most in any given room on the 1st through 3rd levels, not counting manual placements.


  1. I must say that I like this better than Swords & Wizardry's treasure system. The way you determine whether or not there are magic items in a given treasure in that system is both confusing and also much skimpier on magic items than the LBBs.

    I much prefer this. I'm very much looking forward to the final execution of your hypothetical clone.

  2. It's not completely finished. I have a feeling I'm going to rework the silver/gold table, just as I'm going to rework several of the other tables, to make them more distinct from the original and thus a little bit legally safer.

    But the gem, jewelry, and magic item rules you mention are pretty good as-is, I think, because they definitely look and work differently than the original, but produce nearly the same output and are slightly simpler. That's the target I'm aiming for.