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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Experience Bonus

Not that it really matters, but I figured I'd try re-stating the rules for bonus experience points from Men & Magic, pages 9-10, to make them clearer. So, this post is just a reference, for those that want it.

First, calculate the advancement rate score for the character, based on class:
  • FIGHTER: Strength + Intelligence/2 + Wisdom/3
  • MAGIC-USER: Intelligence + Wisdom/2
  • CLERIC: Wisdom + Strength/3 + Intelligence/2
Then, look up this score on this table to get the penalty or bonus to experience:
  • 15 or more: +10%
  • 13 - 14: +5%
  • 9 - 12: normal experience earned
  • 8 - 7: -10%
  • 6 or less: -20%
Thus, a Fighter with Strength 6, Intelligence 10, and Wisdom 12 will still earn +10% more experience. If either Intelligence or Wisdom is below 9, however, it doesn't count, so a Str 9 Int 8 Wis 8 Fighter will earn -20% experience.

Supplement I (Greyhawk) re-interpreted the rules as an actual point-trade ("Thieves use dexterity in the pursuit of their chosen profession. They may use 2 points of intelligence and 1 point of wisdom to increase their raw dexterity score so long as they do not thereby bring the intelligence and wisdom scores below average.") Compare this to the LBB's emphasis on the adjustment being only for purposes of earned experience. If interpreted the original way, thieves with Dex 3, Int 9 and Wis 9 earn +10% experience.

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