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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monsters Sorted By Treasure Type

While working on the treasure tables, I did a little trick to sort the monster list by the treasure type column instead of alphabetically by group. While I work more on treasure, I figured people might find the resulting lists interesting.

  • 1-6 G.P. each: Goblins/Kobolds
  • Type A: Centaurs, Men
  • Type B: Ghouls, Hydras, Nixies, Wights
  • Type C: Gargoyles, Gnomes, Lycanthropes, Minotaurs, Pixies
  • Type C + 1,000 G.P.: Ogres
  • Type D: Cockatrices, Dryads, Hobgoblins/Gnolls, Manticoras, Mummies, Orcs, Purple Worms, Trolls
  • Type E: Elves, Gorgons, Spectres, Wraiths, Wyverns, Griffons
  • Type E + 5,000 G.P.: Giants
  • Type F: Basilisks, Chimeras, Medusae, Vampires
  • Type G: Dwarves
  • Type H: Dragons
  • Type I: Rocs
Additionally, here are the monsters from Supplement I:

  • Type A: Druids, Liches, Will O'Wisp, Lammasu
  • Type B: Bugbears, Carrion Crawler
  • Type C: Blink Dogs, Harpies, Hell Hounds, Owl Bears, Wererat
  • Type D: Displacer Beasts, Lizard Men, Stirges
  • Type E: Dopplegangers, Ogre Magi, Phase Spiders, Umber Hulks
  • Type F: Salamanders, Shadows
  • Type I (treasure), F (magic): Beholders
And here are the creatures from Supplement II:

  • Type A: Giant Octopi, Giant Squid, Mermen
  • Type D: Giant Beaver, Giant Otter, Masher
  • Type E: Aquatic Elves, Fire Lizard, Minotaur Lizard, Weed Eels
  • Type F: Ixitxachitl, Water Spiders
  • Types F&A: Sahuagin
  • Type H: Morkoth
  • Type H X 3: Whale (1% chance per hit point)
  • gems only: Manta Ray, Pungi Ray (probability and number depends on creature)
Gelatinous Cubes are said to potentially have substantial treasure, but no guidelines are given; I suppose you could use the stocking table, as if the cube were a room, rolling a d6 first to see if there is any treasure at all. All other monsters are Type "Nil".

Lammasu are actually listed as "A3". Either that's a typo, or the 3 is intended to be a superscript, but footnotes were edited out.

I think the notation for Beholders means that you should use just the gem and jewelry column from Type I, ignoring the listed magic items and using the column from Type F in its place.

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