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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Re-Thinking Magic Item Stocking

In the previous post about cloning the original random magic item tables, I mentioned that there's a 75% chance of getting a +1 item on the swords and armor lists, which I translated to a 12 or less on 3d6. I followed that rule in general, but I broke down the +1 swords into different types. But what if I used a universal table for both swords and armor, based on the armor table?
    3d6   Item Bonus
------- ----------
3-12 +1
13-15 +2
16-18 +3

Which means that there would be a follow-up roll of some kind for each category. For example, a +1/+2 result when rolling for armor would have a d20 follow-up roll:
1-9: shield
10-17: armor
18+: both
This would simplify the charts, but require extra rolls. Does it seem worth it?

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