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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clone Project: Wandering Wilderness Monsters

I was going to skip the wilderness encounter charts, like I skipped the dungeon encounter charts for each level, because I thought it would make more sense to tell people how to create custom charts. However, the wilderness encounter charts, like the dungeon encounter charts, have a "core" chart that references other sub-charts -- by encounter type, instead of by monster level -- and it occurred to me that I could produce a simple core chart.

The key is to create a single core list of monster types, then describe how to modify the core list by terrain type. Here's the core list I came up with:
  1. Human
  2. Lycanthrope
  3. Wild Beast
  4. Giant Humanoid
  5. Aerial Creature
  6. Monstrous Beast
And here's the mods by terrain type:
  • Clear: roll d8, repeat "Human" and "Wild Beast" at end
  • Waterborne: roll d8, add "Aquatic Beast" twice at end; replace "Wild Beast" with "Aquatic Beast" if far from riverbank or shore
  • Swamp: roll d8, replace "Wild Beast" with "Aquatic Beast", add "Undead" twice at end
  • Mountain: roll d8, repeat"Giant Humanoid" and "Monstrous Beast" at end
  • Woods: roll d8, repeat "Human" and "Lycanthrope" at end
  • Desert: roll d6, replace "Lycanthrope" with "Human"
  • Urban: roll d6, divide by 3, drop fractions, and add 1
"Monstrous Beast" is going to be fantasy monsters like dragons, chimera, basilisks, and hydra. The LBBs have only "dragon" types, but GMs could create variants with other flavors: all monstrous hybrids, or all demons, for example. Similarly, for a faerie forest, the GM could replace "Lycanthrope" with "Fae Creature", adding a special table for that type; for a fantastic desert, the "Giant Humanoid" table might be customized to be nothing but djinn, efreet, and variants of those two.

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  1. I don't know if I can tell you enough how much food for thought these posts bring me. I'm awaiting the finale of this project with bated breath!