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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clone Project: Revised Spell Statistics

Editing all the stuff I've written for the Liber Zero clone project is a daunting task, but I've gotten a few things done. Here's a condensed, revised version of the notes on how to build spells, using the list of effects for each spell level that's on the player cheat sheet. When I get around to Druids and Illusionists, they will have their own list of effects for each spell level and a short notes section similar to the Cleric entry below.

The point of this, of course, is to eliminate the need to look up individual spells when judging things like range and duration.


General spell features:
  • Damage: marked off against hit points
  • Duration: total time magical effect will last, unless dispelled or counter-spelled
  • Range: maximum distance at which magical effect can be created
  • Limit: maximum distance a movable magical effect can be moved after creation
General spell categories:
  • Stable State - natural physical or mental condition that lasts until counteracted naturally (friendship, sleep, making a stone wall in a stone dungeon.)
  • Dynamic State - unnatural condition, or natural condition that is normally only temporary (levitation, fire.)
  • Passive Protection - non-active resistance to harmful intentions (defensive bonus, immunity to fire.)
  • Utility/Object Control - non-combat manipulation of objects or improvement of senses

M-U Spells

No healing spells.

Damage is:

  • 1d6 if incidental (Wall of Fire/Ice)
  • 1d6/spell level if limited to nearby targets (1" range)
  • 1d6/caster level if ranged (Fireball)
Duration is:
  • open-ended for Stable State
  • open-ended but requires concentration for illusions and otherworldly conjurations
  • 6 turns for Passive Protection
  • 3 turns for Dynamic State combat spells
  • 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level for other spells.
Double duration non-combat spells are +1 to spell level.

Range is:

  • 1" for Utility/Object Control
  • 6" for detection, creation, transformation
  • 12" for most spells, doubled for ranged combat
Limit is:
  • 24" for 1st to 4th level spells
  • 36" for 5th level spells
  • 48" for 6th level spells

Cleric Spells

No illusion or ranged damage/combat spells.

Duration is as M-U, but:

  • 12 turns for Passive Protection
  • 6 turns for non-combat Dynamic State
  • 3 turns for combat Dynamic State
  • +3 turns for spells that prevent combat
Spells that "cure" inanimate objects (like Neutralize Poison) last for 1 turn.

Range is:

  • 3" for Utility/Object Control
  • 6" for creation, transformation
  • 9" for detection
  • 12" for most spells
  • 18" for spells that prevent combat (such as Hold Person)

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