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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Geomorph S6: Stone Idol

Who wants a stone idol?

Who am I kidding? Who doesn't want a stone idol? People have been asking for one for years. And although this geomorph isn't a full module, as many would wish, it's got to be worth something, right? And it even includes a shrine area that somewhat resembles ... well, I'm sure you can guess the inspiration behind it all.

The location of the idol itself is in an alcove connected to the shrine area, but with a low wall blocking anyone from simply walking back behind the idol from the shrine, without blocking view of the idol. The shrine area also includes two columns; other details can be added as needed, depending on whether the shrine is abandoned, re-purposed, or in active use. Two double doors lead from the east, a secret door leads from the north, and the south entry is a simple open archway.

There's a corridor directly behind the idol and a secret passage to the north. On the upper level are two chambers connected by a passageway. There are two slits to allow observation of the idol chamber, or possibly to speak to an assembled congregation from a secret location.

I guess this geomorph is special enough to be considered my holiday gift to everyone. Season's greetings!

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  1. Season's greetings to you too, and thank you. My gift to you was more a reward and was given yesterday, but was nowhere near as useful or well thought out as this. I especially like the details - the small chamber and passageway with the slits, and the corridor hidden from view behind the idol, plus the variation in the routes in.