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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ES and EB-Series Geomorphs

Those of you who read the Risus Monkey blog are probably aware that David Millar has asked us geomorph-making people to do half-width border tiles to add the "cap ends" functionality to his mapper app. So, I've set aside another letter designation -- E for Endpieces -- to create some 10 x 5 border tiles. Actually, I'm going to use two-letter designations for the E-series, so that I can group them into sub-series. And here are the first two.

Geomorph ES1 is the first in the Stonework and Statues Endpieces series. It shows an irregular room with a statue of a human(oid) with outstretched arms. Technically, it's supposed to clothed in a robe with voluminous sleeves, since it's based on a model I made of a phantom or wraith, but there's not much visible detail, so it can be changed as needed. Why is there a statue in some odd side-room of the dungeon? Only the GM knows for sure...

Geomorph EB1 is the first in the Barriers and Blockage Endpieces series. It shows a central room which can be turned into a deadend by lowering a portcullis to shut off either of two exits. Again, like the 10x10 B1 geomorph, each portcullis has spikes facing into the central room; one possible tactic is for a mob of humanoids to force a party of adventures back into either portcullis, onto the spikes.

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