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Monday, January 31, 2011

Geomorphs: Rocks and Boulders

More geomorphs in the B series (Barriers and Blockage): one in the main series, two in the endcaps sub-series. B7 is a fairly ordinary geomorph with a pile of rocks in the corner of one room, blocking an exit. Also, as a new form of annoyance for players, I tossed in a false secret door. Adventurers entering from the north who enter the seemingly dead-end room will most likely search for secret doors and find one in the west wall... except it won't open, and leads nowhere.

EB5 is an end piece with a pile of rocks blocking the exit to the east. Adventurers in the central room will likely try to open the eastern door, only to be surprised that the way is blocked. There's also a secret room unconnected to the central room.

EB6 is another end piece, but with a single large spherical boulder blocking a rough-hewn tunnel leading into a small cave.

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