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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Actually My Dream Game

This is kind of a weird topic for my game blog, since it's about a weird dream I had last night. That's something I normally reserve for my Livejournal, which I normally don't link to from here, despite the fact that I have some old RPG posts there from before I decided to separate my gaming stuff from my LJ stuff. So, my readers here won't know how weirdly detailed my dreams sometimes get.

This dream was about a supplement for GURPS that was called Posey Parker, which is a kind of funny thing my brain did, seeing as what this GURPS world book was about was teen/college hijinks-and-romance in the manner of Archie comics/cartoons and Josie and the Pussycats. The book was basically a "bestiary" of cartoon teens, complete with all the stats including hit points, which makes no sense for this style of play. There was one psychic girl and a couple girls with weird abilities, like breathing fire, but their powers were described as having no real mechanical effect; they were only used to create adventure seeds or act as potential secrets or embarrassments.

Oh, and the world book was written by Jonathan Tweet and included a rant about how the point cost for damage resistance was too low. Again, not exactly relevant to the style.


  1. A friend of ours is the co-creator of Panty Explosion, which is about psychic Japanese schoolgirls. I think it has a lot of the same gameplay you describe (e.g. powers acting as potential secrets or embarrassments). Let me know if you'd like and I'll pick you up a copy at the next con we're at with him.


  2. That's amazingly f'ed up and awesome. Do you keep a dream journal? I would have forgotten those nifty little details within ten minutes of waking.

  3. @Brian: I seem to have a copy. It may be an early pre-commercial release version. I picked it up around the time I was still active on the Forge or Story Games and Jake Richmond and/or Matt Schlotte were developing it.

    @Risus: I haven't been getting very good sleep in the last couple years, but when I do and remember a dream, I generally post it to Livejournal. So that's the extent of dream journal I keep.