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Monday, February 21, 2011

Geomorph S10: Alcove Statues

This entry into the S-series geomorphs is named "Alcove Statues" because it uses a pretty common GM mapping trick: include a hallway lined with alcoves that contain ... something, sometimes skeletons or mummies, but in this case statues armed with spears and poleaxes. One of the alcoves has a secret door behind the statue, of course. The hallway leads to a pillared room which has a hollow area beyond the opposite wall; I didn't add a secret door this time, so unless you choose to modify this geomorph, the adventurers are going to have to break through the wall or use magic. There's also a staircase up to another level in the room in the upper right.

The statues, as usual, might spring to life, or might be petrified victims of a medusa or basilisk.

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