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Monday, February 14, 2011

Geomorph S9: Shrine Statues

The next geomorph in the Stonework and Statue series focuses on what's possibly a shrine or chapel, with an altar on one end flanked by kneeling figures. At this level of detail, it's hard to tell exactly what kind of figures the kneeling statues are, so the GM has leeway to describe them as human or something else entirely. The shrine appears to be isolated from the rest of the geomorph, with only two entrances or exits. However, there's a room below the shrine which might be accessible via a hidden trap door below the altar, if desired. The lower room connects the passage in the upper left corner to a low-level corridor on the right, with one chamber on the same level. Stairs lead up to a corridor in the upper right that connect a narrow chamber and a hidden room.

Note that one of the lower right exits from the geomorph has a staircase, but the other doesn't, which means that at least part of the geomorph to the right of this one will be on a lower level, unless the GM adds another staircase to make things "match up".

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