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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Not really much of a "content" post. I just needed some sword images that weren't restricted for copyright reasons, for future illustration purposes... and I thought "I'll just make some."

Models were made in Wings 3d, then imported into Google Sketchup to get the line drawing look, then finished off in The GIMP. When I need one or two for a special project, I'll customize it in The GIMP. Preferably, at some point, I'll get my scanner out of storage and get a working printer/fix one of the two I have, so that I can do the customizing manually.

I started by sizing the blades proportionally, starting with a 1-unit blade and increasing by one unit for each blade. The dagger is on the far left, short sword comes next; great sword is on the far right.

You guys can fight over what to call the other two blades.

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  1. Sword names are arbitrary anyway. However, there does seem to be a distinction between a "great sword" - pommel reaches your armpit, and a "two handed sword" - pommel reaches your lips.

    The smaller sword used in two hands but just functional in one, is a longsword, or bastard sword, or sword of war.

    So, I would name from right to left, "two handed" "great" "long".

    What I don't see is a regular one-handed sword.