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Saturday, March 26, 2011

1-Page Dungeon: Rails in the Ruins

Here's the draft version of my planned submission to the One-Page Dungeon 2011 Contest. I plan on letting it sit a day or two, in case I find an error or want to make a change. It's pretty tight at the moment; I'm not sure if this is because describing monsters without providing stats (to make them generic across editions) makes the room keys wordier, or I just need to reduce the number of rooms in the future.

I should probably discuss some of the features, but it's kind of late right now and I've been working on it for several hours. I'll save discussion for a follow-up post, if anyone's interested.

Edit: Spotted 1 error already. Nothing major; the dervish should have a rope ladder in his room, and Room 15 should note that the ogre leaves a barrel of fermented beetle-milk for the dervish.

Edit II: Changed the link to the new version, with the minor corrections.

Edit III: Design notes are now available here.


  1. I like the weird dungeon farm with creepy milk beetles and you have a lot of cool details related to those. But I'm left feeling that there should be more Rule of Cool about the rails and cars. If they are the shtick of the dungeon maybe they should be more extensive and interactive ...

  2. It's mostly a matter of space constraints. I thought of making the tracks circular, surrounding the dungeon, but there were problems with that in a one-page dungeon submission. So I restricted its cool features to running underneath other rooms and having the position of the cart change.

  3. Goat headed ogres and milk beetles? Nice. Great theme and ecology going on here.

    Good luck!