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Monday, March 21, 2011

Geomorph G2: Multiple Rotating Walls

The next in the Gears and Machinery series, Geomorph G2 has four rotating walls that can change the way corridors connect up, almost making a shifting maze. There are gear wells in each corner, and they are connected in pairs in a sublevel below the main level. The gear wells are open to the upper level through access passages near some of the geomorph entrances; in theory, it's possible to jump down into the gear wells, but this has to be done at an odd angle and risks a crushing death in the gears if they happen to be turning. There's an easier access route to one half of the sublevel via a secret passage near the center of the geomorph.

I've marked the direction of rotation for all the rotating walls with arrows. I've also marked the four lever pairs with arrows pointing to the wall they control, but this could certainly be changed by the GM. There's a couple different possible interpretations of the way the rotating walls work:
  • each wall only rotates when the proper lever is pulled;
  • the walls oscillate, rotating to one position, waiting, then rotating back, unless the proper lever is pulled to stop movement;
  • the walls all move in unison in either of the previous two manners when the levers are pulled in the proper sequence;
  • the walls rotate randomly when explorers pass through that section unless they are turned off by the appropriate lever, or by the proper sequence of levers.
This one took a bit of work to finish, since not only did the walls, gears and gear wells need to be lined up properly, but also drawing the dotted lines for four sets of gears was a little tedious.


  1. This is probably the coolest geomorph I have seen! Awesomely creative!


  2. Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with the G series. I've done three more (but spaced them out every Monday) and learned a couple more tricks in Inkscape.