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Monday, March 28, 2011

Maps and Challenges

A couple updates:

I've updated the "Rails in the Ruins" one-page dungeon and submitted a copy to the challenge. I'm not sure why Google Docs renamed the file "OnePageDungeonTemplate". Somebody should submit a Google Docs version of Chigowiz's template to the Google Docs Template repository.

I did officially join the A to Z Blogging Challenge and have even prepped half the posts. Index of planned posts is still a secret (topics might change...) but all of April's non-geomorph posts will be about a non-medieval fantasy setting. Lots of specific game rules (five monster posts finished so far, plus environmental notes.) I'm trying to keep the posts shorter than my usual windy discussions, for the benefit of the non-gamer visitors from the Challenge.

The geomorph posts on April's Map Mondays will follow the A to Z sequence, though. April 4th's geomorph will be inspired by the letter C, April 11th's will be the letter I, April 18th's will be the letter O, and April 25th's will be the letter U.

In blog stat news, "Hot Elf Chic" has been popping up as a search term for the last couple of days, but most of my traffic has been coming from The Wiki of Wisdom, the Dyson Logos mapping project, and Dave's Mapper. I submitted a big batch of geomorphs to Dave a little while ago, but he's pretty swamped, so they aren't in the mapper yet.


  1. Still working on the tiles. :)

    I just got a full-time day job so my schedule is packed, but your tiles are in my queue.

    Glad to hear you're getting some traffic from the site - I think the new Help/About separate page is helping, and I have more changes on the way that might improve things further. :)

  2. No hurry; I figured you were busy. I just wanted to alert people that they were in the pipeline (and post an explicit link to the new URL, too.)