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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stray Comments on Topics Elsewhere

There are two topics on two different forums, and I keep wanting to post my short, immediate reaction to the threads, but it's probably unwise and potentially snarky, so I'll just post here.

1. "If there's one gripe I have with D&D (Old School)"

... it's that people constantly complain about other people playing those "obsolete" games. You can dislike any game you want, list all its imperfections, if you want... but man, thinking a game can be "obsolete" is just stupid.

The thread is not actually about that; it's one of those recurring "skill system" threads.

2. "Why does everyone hate elves?"

Why do some people think everyone hates elves? If "everyone" hated -- or loved -- elves, we wouldn't see these recurring threads where people debate the virtue or vileness of elves.

1 comment:

  1. Generalisation is the crutch of the weak-minded.

    On the elves thing, I find it interesting that Gygax in the original D&D books seemed to have a bias against halflings, to the point of wondering why anyone would want to play one.