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Monday, April 11, 2011

Geomorph G5: Impaling Spikes

Geomorph G5 has another trapped corridor, although this time, in keeping with the G-series theme, the traps are mechanical. There's a central corridor with three holes in each wall on either side. Spike in the holes are suddenly pushed out or retracted by rotating spiral cams in machine rooms that line the corridor. The spikes might move individually or in a staggered fashion; they might be continuous, or single-strike. Continuously moving spikes might begin moving when triggered, or might already be in motion, like a giant sewing machine of death. Single-strike spike traps might require "rewinding" or maybe just resetting by the dungeon occupants.

One of the gear rooms has a trap door and ladder down to a small room and corridor leading to a room on the lower level that connects with one of the geomorph entrances.

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  1. I love the thought that goes into these. The trap isn't just the stage, it's an adventure behind the scenes too.