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Sunday, April 10, 2011

State of the Challenge

The A to Z Blogging Challenge is going pretty well for me: I've prepped all but two posts in advance, to leave more time each day to check out other participating blogs. Unfortunately, although I'm able to keep up with the blogs I actually follow, I've only been able to check out 15 to 20 new blogs each day, so I doubt I'll make it through all 1200+ blogs. I may be able to make it to 300 or 400, though!

Dierdra of A Storybook World has awarded me her Creative Blog Award. I've linked it in my new sidebar. In the future, I may create a new page for keeping track of awards, community memberships, and the like, but I don't have to worry about that right now.

I forgot to mention that NetherWerks at the Old School Heretic blog has done a couple posts on atomic themes that mesh well with mine: see Forbidden Planet (the post and the movie!), B-Movies on the Brain, and an overview of Atomic Horror.

Oh, and since I cut part of my "A" post on the topic before publication, I never did explain why I call this new game idea "Alternative V". Two reasons:
  • The crisis escalation ladder I envision is based around five alternatives to dealing with nuclear threat. This is what I was talking about a year ago when I asked for help finding period examples of essays on nuclear war and deterrence; I'm trying to come up with a fake memo presenting these five alternatives. The alternatives themselves aren't set in stone yet, though.
  • The name is also an homage to Alternative 3, a TV hoax presented as a documentary about disappearing scientists. You can watch it on Google Video, if you want to find out what their three alternatives are, and what they are trying to avoid.
Tomorrow is Map Monday, so there will be geomorphs, atomic and otherwise.

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