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Monday, May 23, 2011

Geomorph G13: Winch and Basket

Here's a bit of simple machinery that is not a trap, but is actually useful. Geomorph G13 shows a large pit, presumably too deep to simply jump into. There's a winch system to lower a huge basket down to the bottom of the pit. On the opposite side is a tunnel to one exit and stairs up to another. There are two other exits that overlook the pit, but are unconnected to the other exits; one of these actually leads to a broad ledge that *might* be within jumping distance of the top of the staircase.


  1. You obviously need some jumping rules - see http://jovialpriest.blogspot.com/2011/05/broad-jumping-rules-for-old-school.html

    And tell me what you think works best.

  2. I'm against the flat bonuses for level or ability scores, myself, although your rules do simplify the DSG rules. I thought I'd written about jumping before, but apparently not...