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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quick Traffic Comments

I'll have more to talk about later, but I wanted to make a couple comments about the huge increase of visitors to my blog. Hello, all! You're probably here because of a couple referrals from other blogs, mainly Grognardia, but also a couple other places.

I've had about five times as many visitors as usual per day for the last two days, all because of the post about clerics without spells. Which is great, but kind of amusing, since I was thinking the post about rolling random room shapes was going to be my "important" post this week; the cleric post was kind of a last-minute, I-should-write-this-down-for-later brainstorming post. I'd done a post before about basing cleric powers on reaction rolls, although I kept the standard spells, and it was nowhere near this big, so I was shocked at the reaction. Maybe I should do a full write-up of an alternative view of clerics, combining the reaction roll approach with background alternatives, material on clerical roles in society, and types of minor spirits.

One of the side effects of the increased visits is that more people are digging into the Liber Zero posts, which is good, but I feel I should warn people: those are development posts, so some material contradicts and supersedes earlier material. In particular, I did about 346,639 posts about how to handle experience. I do have a final fix, though; it just so happens that I haven't posted it.

There will be further information about Liber Zero maybe tomorrow. I'm seeing how stuff I'm working on right now turns out.

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  1. Loving the Liber Zero development work...