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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Experience, Spells, and Miracles

No, this post isn't about experience, spells, or miracles. It's just a follow-up and preview to some other posts that are. There are a couple topics floating around that I want to turn into longish posts, but here's a short post to tide you over.

First: Quibish was the only person to weigh in against the universal experience table, but I'm thinking of trying out separate experience tables for each class "zeroed out" for Prime Ability Score 3 to see what they look like. It will take just a little tweaking in the spreadsheet and some copying/re-formatting.

Second: It's doubtful I'll be getting around to the DCC-like spell effects, but I might work up the design rules and some sample spells to release under some kind of CC license, if other people (like Trey) would like to try their hand at filling out the spell list. Anyone interested?

Third: I've already started planning a unified Clerics Without Spells document, called "Miracles Without Spells", that will cover clerics, druids, rules for creating variants, and a taxonomy of spirits to support the re-imagining of the cleric function. I'm also thinking of a second, as yet unnamed, document covering clerical and monastic vows, a modified paladin, and other related concepts (knightly and arcane orders, cults, secret societies.) Basically, a redefinition of "subclass" to mean something you can add to a base class at any point, rather than defining entire replacement classes for every character concept. These should be good practice for the eventual Liber Blanc document (companion to Liber Zero.)

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