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Monday, June 13, 2011

Liber Zero: Monster Build Tables

I'm actually tweaking the treasure tables to make them easier (reduce the 2d20 rolls per category to 1d20 roll.) But in the meantime, here's the monster build tables condensed and prettied up. Only things that have been left out are the chance to find the monster in its lair (which will be in the Situation Roll section) and the base number appearing (5d6) for camps of humans, demi-humans, or humanoids.

The tables should be mostly self-explanatory, but maybe that's just my bias due to how closely I've worked with them. So here's a quick run-down:
  1. Use the first five entries to set the base hit dice, damage, armor, move rate, and number appearing, based on general size.
  2. If you add dangerous features or special attacks to the creature, add 1 hit point per feature (probably should limit this to +4 hit points.)
  3. Modify Hit Dice based on Body Size, Group Size, and enchanted, magical or demonic nature.
  4. Modify the number appearing by increments of 1d6 if the base number appearing is 3d6 or greater; modify by increments of +/-1 if the base number is 2d6 or less. Multiply by 10 for flocks, swarms, or tribes.
  5. Physical size also modifies base move, and magical, enchanted or demonic creatures have improved armor.
Once you've finished with the basic build table, use the movement and armor table to adjust these factors. It's important that the movement multipliers happen before the limb-type modifiers.

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