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Monday, July 18, 2011

G-Series Geomorphs: Blade Traps

Since I like to keep the numbers in each geomorph series in multiples of six (because that's how many fit on one page,) and since I wanted to finish off the G series, at least for a while, I decided to do two "final" G-series geomorphs, both based on a blade trap theme.

Geomorph G17 is a giant buzz saw, plainly visible and blocking a corridor. There's a secret control room nearby where the saw's speed can be altered or stopped/started. The lower part of the geomorph has a couple rooms, including one 20x20-foot room above a lower corridor.

Geomorph G18 has a straight corridor with an opening along one side; sharp-eyed explorers might catch a glint of metal, warning them about a trap ahead. As the explorers approach the suspect area, a trigger releases a scythe blade, which swings out horizontally. The GM can place this trap at different heights, depending on whether the trap should decapitate or merely... depeditate. There's an access area behind the trap where dungeon inhabitants can grab the scythe's handle and push it back into position, resetting the trap. There's also an unconnected corridor that runs under the trapped corridor to a simple room.

I've already updated the G-series PDF; turns out I don't need to change the link on the Maps page, because the Google Docs version management takes care of everything. This coming Monday, I'm planning to do three F-series geomorphs so that I can put together the F-series PDF as well.

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