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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

D&D for Dogs

In yesterday's post, I made a joke about "D&D for Dogs", and almost immediately started wondering: what would "D&D for Dogs" be like?

I don't think you can get dogs to roleplay, at least not beyond the simple level of roleplay they already do (Pretend to be the guard dog! Pretend to be scared!) But then I started wondering about dogs or other pets as randomizers in a normal game. Perhaps a large printed Twister-style mat that the dog could push a ball around?

Which makes me wonder: since there's already D&D fashion and D&D jewelry and D&D plushie toys, has someone made the lucrative expansion into D&D pet toys? Giant squeaky rubber dice?


  1. I played one game where a player's dog had a character (who was the player's PC's dog).

  2. How did the GM determine what the dog PC did? If the real dog barked, was that considered an attack?

  3. Really the (human) player controlled it.