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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fight On! #12 Reviews: Pigdivot!

I really liked the village of Pigdivot in Fight On! #12. The map is reminiscent of those in the Carse or Tulan of the Isles products from Midkemia Press. The descriptions are not as overblown as those, however; I found it a lot easier to read through Pigdivot than through Tulan. Still, this does represent what I think of as "too much information for a setting element." I know I'm in the minority on this, since there's a thread on one of the forums right now discussing how great some random town generators are because they include such details as shifts for barmaids at work. Know how I would determine if a particular barmaid were at work? d6 roll, on a 6 she's not there (if she lives there) or she's there (if she lives somewhere else.)

Anyways, that's a discussion for another time. I like most of the random plot hooks from the tables, although an awful lot of the results are "so and so is dead, missing, or leaves". Just the right rolls could quickly depopulate the town. I'd probably change some of these, and probably change almost all the names, but I'm seriously considering using this. Also, seeing that style of map again makes me want to do that kind of village map; I may do that for an upcoming Map Monday, if for no other reason than to illustrate what I think about village presentation.

Pigdivot alone makes FO #12 a good purchase.

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