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Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Module Monikers

Another module to remember:
Monstrous Menagerie of Silence
It's a zoo of monsters with a theme of "soundlessness". Some are just eerie, silent versions of ordinary monsters, battling each other without any noise; some are sneaky ambushers; some take away the voices of adventurers.

Incidentally, I tracked down the Dada Engine -- it's still out there -- and another utility called rmutt that looks like it can make even more creative module names.

I'm almost done with the project I'm doing for someone else, so I'll be able to return to more interesting topics soon.


  1. rmutt - cute. Do you have to accept whatever it puts out as Art?

  2. Maybe, but you definitely have to watch your overcoat.

  3. We're very interested in seeing what amazing and cool things you come up with using the Dada Engine...

  4. @NetherWorks: I could have sworn I had a working version of it once, but the current version looks like it won't run on Windows. (I probably had it during a brief time I ran Slackware.)