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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You CAN Has Random Modules

bombshelter13 has taken the wandering modules table and turned it into a Javascript-based generator, which not only works well, but will allow table customization. AND it's downloadable! Thanks, bombshelter13!

Unimportant aside: this style of random generator is pretty old. I got the habit of putting replaceable names in ALL-CAPS surrounded by parentheses from a random tabloid headline generator that ran on OS-9 -- *not* Mac OS-9, but the obsolete cousin of Unix designed for Motorola 6809 processor. The most advanced generator I've seen was the Dada Engine, which was the brain behind the post-modern essay generator. I don't know if either of those are still around.

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  1. Yeah, I wasn't trying to make anything revolutionary as far as the style of generator, just something that A) works and B) should be easy for people to use without a great deal of technical knowledge, and it occured to me how easily tables like this could be written as JSON.

    I can already think of a half dozen features that would be useful to add, so perhaps some of them will show up later.

    Things I've thought of

    - basic formatting like capitalizing/lowercasing
    of substituted strings would be nice.
    - some method to prevent duplicate results from a given category if desired
    - being able to adjust the likelihood of a result without repeating it would also be nice