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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Animals based on pure LBB stats are pretty generic, with little to distinguish one species from another, especially if you don't add special attacks. Here's a handful of animal behaviors to spice things up, based on folklore and factoids. Most of these aren't true, or are only true in limited ways. The general procedure is to roll a d6 whenever the behavior is possible; on a 5+, the animal performs the behavior.

Bull: Will attack anything colored red on 5+, and never needs to check morale while the color is present.

Cat: A pet cat which is not busy doing something else will occasionally be stricken by curiosity, making a beeline in a random direction on 5+. If children of any human or humanoid are encountered, the cat may attempt to suck the breath out of them, killing them.

Dog: On a 5+, a pet dog will not leave an injured or deceased master's side, and may occasionally howl.

Elephant: Doesn't get lost, and never forgets the face of a man who wronged it.

Lizard: Will not only regrow its tail, but the tail will grow into a lizard on a 5+.

Snake: Hair dropped into still water will turn into snakes within one day if a 5+ is rolled.

1 comment:

  1. Our drains must be full of snakes!

    I know that the cat thing is 100% true though, from personal experience, having died when a cat sat on me.

    Actually I was only mostly-dead.