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Friday, March 16, 2012

Combat Maneuvers and Defender's Choice

Someone (Lord Gwydion, I think) pointed to this post on super-simple combat maneuvers. Not a long post, but I'll summarize: roll attack as normal without modifiers, effect happens on a critical hit, defender gets to choose either damage or the maneuver effect on an ordinary hit. It fits well with my own philosophy; I almost never use modifiers for special maneuvers. I don't use crits, though; instead, I use the damage roll as a situation roll (5+ means the effect happens.)  That makes special effects much more likely. I think I'll add the bit about the defender's option to take the special maneuver's effect instead of damage on 4 or less to my own house rules, though.

I wonder if there should also be an option to take a special result on an ordinary attack, though. I have already suggested injuries to specific body parts instead of general damage -- basically, "Limbs Shall Be Splintered!" Why not add knockback or trip results as an option? The limitation, though, is that the player must call the special effect before the damage roll; on a 5+, the player's character takes both the 5+ damage and the knockback or other bad effect.


  1. I picked up the PDF of Adventurer Conquerer King, and for combat maneuvers they do the following:

    Declare maneuver you wish to attempt. Roll attack with a -4 penalty to the roll. If successful, the defender gets to save vs. paralysis to avoid the maneuver. That's pretty much the foundation mechanic for disarm, wrestle, trip, etc.

    It sounded like an interesting and easy method, but I like yours as well.

  2. I use opposed attack rolls rather than penalties. Both sides roll, add their bonuses, and the higher result wins (I use S&W ascending to hit modifiers). It's pretty simple and exciting.