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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bash, Hack, Jab, Stab

I've been thinking -- again! -- about distinguishing weapons based on special features. mostly to see if I can simplify them even more and still squeeze out some interesting details. The way I see it, there's probably four basic kinds of attack: bash, hack, jab, and stab. (OK, there's also slash, but that's worth separate examination.)  Other kinds of attacks are modifications of those four, usually by adding extra effects. This is not meant to imply a system where you declare each kind of attack, it just groups types of damage.

Bash is a basic swing attack with a blunt object. Jab is a basic thrust attack with a rod or pole of some kind. Hack is the same as bash, but with an edged weapon; likewise, stab is the same as jab, but with a pointed weapon.

Bash does 1d6. Jab does the best of two 1d6 rolls. Edged/pointed weapons can cause major bleeding: d6 roll modified by Con, at end of day; 5+ means bleeding stops, otherwise roll for additional damage. If no first aid is available, keep rolling every day.

Rigid armor that is at least as hard as the weapon prevents the major bleeding effect. Chain and similar armor only prevents major bleeding from edged weapons, not pointed weapons; a successful stab attack implies that the point has slipped between links, rings, or scales. Opponents can still be cut and might bleed internally, but unless damage exceeds hit points, the wounds are minor and will seal themselves normally.

If an attacker chooses to aim an attack, edged weapons can sever limbs and pointed weapons can wound internal organs.


  1. Nice to see weapon differentiation in a d6 system. But what is the advantage of using blunt and/or bashing weapons? Does a spear get reach in addition to having the best damage potential?

  2. @Roger: I figure the main advantage to blunt weapons is cost. A baton would be cheaper than a short sword and would be easier to maintain, since it doesn't need to be sharpened. Also, long weapons *do* strike first, on the first round, but last on the second and following rounds. And really heavy weapons should get an advantage against rigid armor. A short, heavy weapon like a mace would be cheap but effective against heavy footmen armed with broadswords.