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Monday, May 28, 2012

Upcoming Maps

I know the dungeon shorthand posts are getting pretty boring, but I'm almost at the end (I'll save the non-structural uses of the shorthand for some time in the distant future.) However, there's something I plan on doing with it that might not be so boring: I'm thinking it would be neat to take sample texts from a couple famous authors and do a typical dungeon for each author's style. A Shakespeare's dungeon, Lewis Carroll's dungeon, Dickens's dungeon, Lovecraft's dungeon, Hemingway's dungeon. Maybe even a dungeon based on spam subject lines, or Javascript bookmarklet code. I won't be dwelling on the technical details of dungeon shorthand in those posts, just presenting the text and the resulting dungeon, mapped out. That would be more useful to those who don't care about the shorthand.

Another mapping idea I've had recently was redoing the dungeon geomorphs, or doing new geomorphs organized in different sets. The difference is that I want to do these in Sketchup instead of Inkscape, and I may stock them as if they were modular pieces for a megadungeon and include an isomorphic view. And, eventually, pack a bunch together and print it out. I thought this might make a good alternative product to the Last-Minute Menagerie, sort of a Last-Minute Labyrinth.

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  1. That's an interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.