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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketchbox Dicemap

Here is a tentative re-design of the settlement dicemap I posted long ago, which I'm improving for use in sketchbox campaigns for wilderness (and eventually sketchbox underworld) mapping. It's not a PDF because I'm still working on it and will probably add more features, or move some existing features, to make it look nice and be more understandable.

This dice map is meant to be more multi-purpose, and include more of the instructions directly on the map to eliminate looking up results in another table. When it becomes a PDF, I will eventually use this as the cover and add several pages of instructions, examples and options.

You will notice that the rings of the map are hexagons. There's no real reason for this, other than it makes it easier to align text labels. Also, each ring is labeled three ways:
  1. Population Density, with a note on what dice type to roll for settlements;
  2. Settlement Size/Distance, as in the original map;
  3. Settlement Quarters, from the quarter system.
The idea is that first you roll to define rough population zones around your start point, then roll for the five nearest settlements, then roll for the layout of the town using the quarter system. For the latter, I'm thinking you would use standard d6s with pips: one for a hamlet, two for a village, three for a town (more for cities.) Roll on the map: the ring a die lands in indicates the type of quarter, the direction indicates rough position, and the number and arrangement of pips indicates neighborhoods within that quarter The total of the dice is the number of commoner/laborer neighborhoods.

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