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Monday, June 4, 2012

Underworld Cities

Over at the Hill Cantons blog, there's a couple posts about constructing something resembling the Jakállan underworld (from the Tékumel/Empire of the Petal Throne setting.) I only paid half-attention to it, because I was thinking of it as a Tékumel-centric process. But really, the basic idea has some appeal. In real-world history, cities often get built on top of cities on top of cities, and later excavations may turn these into sprawling underworlds. Traditional D&D underworld design has moved towards small excavations (micro-dungeons) or constructions in large natural caverns (the underdark.) The megadungeon has resurfaced, but we tend to conceive of these as just a bigger version of the micro-dungeon.

I have the inkling of a thought: what about applying the exact same rules used for on-the-fly city adventures to ruined undercities? Maybe with some rules for creating connecting zones?

I'll have to think of this more.


  1. something like vornheim city generation?

    1. Something like that, yes. I posted before about how I would combine some of Zak's ideas with some other tools to create towns and cities. What I'm thinking of is taking a couple of those techniques to do the basic layout, but adding some other tools to essentially replace above-ground wilderness generation, to connect underworld pockets.