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Monday, July 30, 2012

Grievous Wounds

A couple nights ago, I was watching a movie about Tristan and Isolte, and it reminded me that several legends include the idea of wounds that never heal. So what about a magic sword that inflicts grievous wounds on a critical hit? That strikes me as an interesting variant on "+1 sword"-style magic items.

For that matter, you could just define any critical hit from an enchanted being as a grievous wound. Until sufficiently powerful magic is used to heal the wound, the victim can't heal at all. It makes combat very scary, however.


  1. I have two players in my megadungeon campaign with Flesh Golem wounds that have not been healed in a very long time...they're just now starting to work out how to overcome them.

    1. Is it just those wounds, or all healing that has stopped