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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spell Study Series: 3rd Level Protection/Invisibility

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius: A Protection from Evil spell which extends to include a circle around the Magic-User and also lasts for 12 rather than 6 turns.

Invisibility, 10' Radius: An Invisibility spell with an extended projection but otherwise no different from the former spell.
These two spells are upgrades of the lower-level spells to "area effect" centered on a particular target (Magic-User or creature/object turned invisible. I'm thinking of upgrading these to the aforementioned 30-foot diameter, even though that improves the spells a bit (15-foot radius, compared to 10-foot radius.)
Protection from Normal Missiles: The recipient of this charm becomes impervious to normal missiles. This implies only those missiles projected by normal (not above normal) men and/or weapons. Duration: 12 turns. Range: 3".
This spell is less powerful than one would assume just based on the name alone. There's an exemption for "above-normal men", presumably heroes and above, but no level cut-off is given. Since it's a 3rd level spell, we could just say that normal missiles fired or thrown by PCs or NPCs of 3rd level or lower are ineffective.


  1. Why level three or lower? Wouldn't "above level 0" or "fights as better than a normal man" be a more reasonable interpretation of "above-normal man"?

    1. Two reasons:

      (1) The spell is 3rd level; I'm equating the spell level to the level of the target affected (you can see this also in the write-up for the Wall of Fire, for example.)

      (2) A 3rd level Fighter fights as Hero -1, i.e. less than a hero. 4th level fights as Hero, so 4th level is definitely "above normal". It's the characters from 1st to 3rd level who are in the gray zone.

    2. Ah, point 2 makes a lot of sense. I agree.