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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spell Study Series: Hold Person and Water Breathing

These two spells are not really connected, but they won't require much discussion.
Hold Person: A spell similar to a Charm Person but which is of both limited duration and greater effect. It will effect from 1-4 persons. If it is cast at only a single person it has the effect of reducing the target's saving throw against magic by -2. Duration: 6 turns + level of the caster. Range: 12".
Hold Person has a "greater effect" in the sense that it stops the target from moving, instead of influencing the target to help you. However, in the sense that the effect is very focused, so focused that there's no actual description of what it does (other than the spell's name,) it is a more limited effect. I think that's why Hold Person affects more than one person, unlike Charm Person. The range could be fit into the proposed Line of Sight range category. The duration matches the Standard Physical effect of 6 turns + caster level.
Water Breathing: A spell whereby it is possible to breathe under water without harm or difficulty. Duration: 12 turns. Range 3".
The range for Water Breathing fits into the proposed 10 feet/spell level Non-Combat range. One thing to note about the duration is that, if we stick to the idea of using 1-minute combat turns throughout, Water Breathing is not useful for extended underwater journeys; it's more of a "get past an obstacle" tool. Also, I'm wondering if it's imperative to keep it at a flat 12 turns, instead of switching it to 6 turns + caster level to keep the Standard Physical Duration pattern we're developing.

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