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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Over at Rogues & Reavers, there's a new class posted: the tourist. The problem is, I followed that link without realizing that it's based (loosely) on characters like John Carter. What I was expecting was a very different Nethack/Discworld tourist.

So I guess it's up to me.

Concept: Fish out of water, woefully ignorant of local dangers and extremely gullible.

Alignment: Effectively neutral. Tourists don't seem to get the cosmic struggle.

XP/HD: Same as Magic-User, but their prime ability is Wisdom. Invert the experience bonus for Wisdom: they have an XP penalty for high Wisdom, a bonus for low Wisdom.

Limitation: Doesn't speak or read Common, alignment languages, or any local language. Tourists can make purchases using the "flash money, make gestures" method, but have an increased risk of getting cheated. They can understand the basic gist of what their companions may direct them to do in combat, but there's a delay caused by trying to figure out what they're saying (always go last in any turn, except vs. slowed creatures or zombies.) Tourists obviously can't gather information by asking the locals. If not using special language acquisition rules, treat learning the local language as researching a 1st level spell.

Abilities: As Thief, but no backstab bonus, Open Locks, or Pick Pockets. Remove Traps is replaced with Manipulate Device: tourists have a chance of figuring out how to use any magical or mechanical device, even if they have no special training. Tourists save vs. fear at four levels higher than normal.

Other: Triple starting wealth. Tourists have access to the following special items not available locally:

Phrasebook (75 gp): Lets tourist ask locals for information, but with a chance of being "cheated" (misunderstood.)

Camera (75 gp): Flash blinds sighted monsters for 1d6 rounds, but risks enraging them.

Travel Guide (75 gp): 5+ on 1d6 chance for any location that there's a map showing the way in or out. Subtract dungeon level from this roll. Doesn't provide any reliable information about inhabitants, treasure, or traps.

Hawaiian Shirt (10 gp): Bright, colorful, comfortable. +1 reaction from intelligent creatures, but all merchant prices are doubled. Also bestows a penalty for hiding in shadows.

Credit Card (15 gp): Allows toursists to use their Manipulate Device talent to open locks. Also gives a +1 on negotiations with merchants (note that this doesn't negate the effects of a Hawaiian Shirt.)

Other Items: At the GM's discretion, tourists can buy other high quality mundane items that provide a reaction bonus under special circumstances, but have some kind of downside. They might also be allowed to buy items that mimic a spell, with some kind of risk; cost is 100 gp/spell level minus 25 gp.

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